Seeking Critical Thinkers? has been used to assess critical thinking skills of candidates/participants in the following sectors:

  • Commonwealth Government Departments
  • Key financial institutions
  • HR recruitment companies
  • Professional associations, and
  • Universities.

"We recently used the Critical Reasoning Test from ACER’s Graduate Skills Assessment bank to help make recommendations on the most appropriate new recruits for a large scale government assessment centre project. Our client was most impressed with the face validity of the instrument for the candidates, all of whom were graduates. In particular they were pleased that the candidates would be able to see the connection between the types of items on the questionnaire and the reasoning activities that they would be likely to undertake in the position. The test proved to provide good distinctions between candidates and formed an integral part of the decision making process when deliberating on which candidates would be offered jobs. In addition to this, the support from ACER in the provision of the test was first class, with the tests being marked and results sent through quickly and efficiently."

Susan Crawford
Senior Consultant
Chris Farrell Consulting