ACER’s School Life Questionnaire (SLQ) provides instant insights into your students’ wellbeing at school. This quick 15-minute survey is an easy, effective way for educators to gain an insight into how their students feel about key aspects of their school lives, including their teachers, peers and learning.

The questionnaire can support schools:

  • as part of a continued focus on student wellbeing; the data can inform initiatives and track their impact, providing valuable evidence to inform the school community.
  • returning to campus after a period of remote or rostered learning to capture useful information about student wellbeing and their attitudes towards school.
  • conducting remote learning to help understand how students feel about their virtual learning environment and to support continued connection between students and their school community.

The results of the SLQ allow schools to make judgements about the effectiveness of policies concerned with curriculum, teaching practices, assessment, programs and organisation, as well as identify pointers to action or to areas of concern for the school.


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