What is the Senior Years Learning Framework?

The Senior Years Learning Framework (SYLF) is a new national program developed by The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) for students in the final years of secondary school.

The SYLF has been designed to provide a broad learning experience integrating personal development and academic skills with an extended practical workplace component.

From 2012 onwards, the SYLF will be offered to students in the following streams:

SYLF Standard Level:

SYLF Standard has been designed for students interested in moving directly to work or further vocational education at the completion of secondary school. This stream has an emphasis on the development of literacy, numeracy and ICT literacy skills.

SYLF Advanced Level: 

SYLF Advanced is a framework for study that is tailored for students who are considering going on to university at the completion of secondary school.  This stream incorporates industry learning, personal development and the study of four academic subjects. The academic subjects must include English and three other subjects across at least two of the following domains: English and languages, humanities and social sciences, mathematics, science or technology and creative arts.

Where can the SYLF be studied?

The SYLF is avaliable to students across Australia and is designed to be offered by 'participating SYLF organisations' including schools and TAFE colleges throughout Australia.

Schools or colleges interested in offering the SYLF should visit 'Who can offer the SYLF?' for further information.