How do students decide between levels?

Which level is right for me?

There are a range of factors students are encouraged to consider when deciding between the SYLF Standard or Advanced.

Students should think about:

  • what they feel they are good at?
  • what they enjoy studying?
  • what subjects genuinely interest them?
  • what kind of job they consider appealing and
  • what kind of career path they may wish to follow?

One of the most important things for students to consider is whether they are interested in moving into tertiary study, to seek an apprenticeship, or to move directly from school into employment.

Students with a particular vocational path in mind may consider the SYLF Standard, with its flexible, varied study options and focus on developing work preparation skills.

Most tertiary courses include pre-requisite subjects. Students who are considering further education may decide the SYLF Advanced provides them with the opportunity to study the subjects they need to apply for their chosen tertiary qualification.