Who is eWrite for?

eWrite tasks are designed for students in Years 4–10. The following writing genres are available:

  • Task A Persuasive (Years 5–6)
  • Task B Narrative (Years 5–8)
  • Task C Report (Years 5–8)
  • Task D Description (Years 5–8)
  • Task E Persuasive (Years 7–8)
  • Task F Persuasive (Years 5–10)
  • Task G Persuasive (Years 5–9)
  • Task H Narrative (Years 4–8)

Schools and teachers can choose four different writing genres, and teachers can assign specific tasks to individual students and to groups of students. eWrite can be used for the assessment of a whole year level, a class or a select group of students across year levels at the school.