Each year, opinions of the ALC are gathered from teachers who have registered their students to participate in the program.

We use ALC tests to inspire and motivate gifted students to challenge themselves and embrace continuous learning.
Andrea Kurasho, Winthrop Primary School
MHJC uses the ALC to inspire students by giving them an internationally recognised language goal to aspire to, and language achievements to celebrate and value.
Trudi Wigg, Mission Heights Junior College
ALC heightens the academic profile of LOTE in our school, it reinforces our strengths and is an indicator of future directions in our programming.
Claire Murphy, Bishop Druitt College
ALC provides the opportunity to showcase our language students' fasntastic academic achievements on the whole school stage by awarding certificates, thereby uplifting our Languages profile.
Jane Wildner, Ormiston College
ALC provides students the recognition and acknowledgement they deserve for their effort and commitment to Languages at GHS while promoting the awesome subject to everyone.
Anna Wild, Geelong High School