Legal agreement

These terms and conditions (which constitute a legal agreement) apply to the use of any ACER website including:

  1. the use of the information services offered on such web sites; and
  2. participation in any ACER instigated discussion forums.
  3. By continuing to use any ACER website or participating in any ACER instigated discussion forums, YOU AGREE:
  4. TO BE BOUND by these terms and conditions;
  5. any terms and condition specific to any particular ACER website or ACER instigated discussion forum; and
  6. to ACER reserving the right to change or amend these terms and conditions from time to time and that you will update yourself by re-familiarising with these terms and conditions upon each access. You continued use of ACER websites or ACER instigated discussion forum signifies your agreement to any amended terms and conditions.

Should you NOT ACCEPT these terms and conditions, you MUST refrain from using the web site and discussion forum.