Assessments for schools and higher education

ACER is an international leader in the development and provision of high quality assessment and reporting tools and services for schools, universities, health professionals, employers, and governments across the world.

7 million
assessments per year
10 000+
candidates per week

School assessments to identify what your students know, understand and can do.

Higher education

Higher education assessment by our specialised test development teams in a range of discipline areas.


Tailored assessment for customised solutions.

Maximise learning with ACER assessments

  • Understand if students are equipped with the skills required to succeed in the globalised world
  • Gather evidence on student strengths and areas of improvement
  • Use assessment data to inform teaching and classroom practices
  • Monitor student progress over time

Large-scale assessments

ACER UK offers a wide range of high quality school assessment products that cater to the specific needs of schools, supporting teachers and school leaders in capacity building and decision making to improve learning outcomes.

Tailored assessment services

ACER can deliver customised assessment solutions to meet your needs.

Entry and selection testing for schools, universities and other educational institutions. From designing the assessment framework to full-service delivery.

Support with evaluation studies; or full-service study design, implementation and analysis. We provide baseline, mid-study and outcome testing services for evaluating educational methods, strategies and tools.

Tailored assessment programmes for school groups, trusts, consortiums and LAs. ACER can design and implement bespoke assessment solutions to match your curriculum and your teachers' needs, complete with reporting that provides leadership with the information they need.