ACER's global research expertise draws on decades of experience of learning; from early years and school education to vocational, adult and workplace education, and higher education.

Our research findings are used to inform educational policy and practice; and to support leaders, policymakers, educators and learners. ACER has a particular focus on supporting Ministries of Education within the development sector to improve student learning.

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ACER’s education and development research program focuses on conducting and supporting research that aims to improve student learning in the development context.

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ACER’s approach to a robust assessment program

Supported by decades of research experience, an outstanding talent pool, and proven methodologies, ACER is a full-service research consultancy.

  1. Clearly articulated policy goals and priorities that are relevant and inform key assessment decisions on content, scope, design, methods, operations, and use of data.

  2. A dedicated assessment team that is appropriately skilled and adequately resourced to design, implement, analyse, and disseminate the outcomes of the learning assessment.

  3. A key document that clearly describes standards of technical quality for all aspects of the learning assessment, and indicates how standards can be used as part of quality monitoring and reporting.

  4. A document that communicates the purposes and characteristics of the learning assessment to key stakeholders, developers and to a broader audience.

  5. Cognitive instruments containing items with proven reliability, validity and fairness with regard to the population(s) of interest.

  6. Contextual instruments containing items with proven reliability, validity and fairness with regard to the population(s) of interest.

  7. Cognitive and contextual instruments that are appropriate, linguistically equivalent, and psychometrically equivalent across multiple languages.

  8. Appropriate products and approaches to reporting and dissemination that are tailored to the different stakeholder groups and promote appropriate and effective use of the assessment results by those groups.

  9. Analytical results that are fully documented and reproducible, and that permit valid and useful inferences about the population(s) of interest.

  10. Cognitive and contextual data that is scaled using well-developed analytical tools in order to support useful comparisons and to communicate meaningful information.

  11. A final database that respects respondent anonymity, is free from discrepancies and errors, and is appropriately structured and documented for analysis and dissemination.

  12. Field operations are standardised, monitored and documented to ensure that the data are collected under the same conditions, in an efficient and secure manner.

  13. A sample that, through the use of scientific sampling methods, helps to guarantee appropriate and estimable levels of statistical precision and validity in the interpretation of assessment results.

  14. A design that ensures efficiency in sample sizes, balanced assessment content, appropriate assessment length, and stable measures over time.

ACER global research centres

Our work in the UK is supported by ACER's leading edge research centres.

ACER Research Repository

ACER Research Repository

ACEReSearch is a repository bringing together all ACER's public research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. It is maintained by the Cunningham Library.


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One of ACER’s great strengths is its people. ACER's global resource pool includes more than 150 research staff with the majority of them holding a doctorate degree.

In the UK, the team consists of passionate and committed researchers including doctorates and former teachers who work closely with the global team.

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ACER is actively seeking professional partnerships with international researchers and consultants with expertise in a range of education quality improvement areas.

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World class professional learning supported by decades of experience in education research

Built on the research expertise of 90 years, ACER is able to design and deliver training that is purposeful and engaging.