What is the Centre for Global Education Monitoring?

The Centre for Global Education Monitoring supports the monitoring of educational outcomes worldwide. It is essential that data be collected and used to inform policy aimed at improving educational progress for all learners.

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Centre for Global Education Monitoring

System strengthening

ACER supports education systems in their aim to improve learning through capacity development and through high quality assessment and reporting programs adapted to specific contexts and requirements.

Education 2030

Education 2030

ACER is advocating for the development of tools and methodologies that will enable countries to have control over monitoring their learning, while still allowing them to report results internationally.

Reviews and analysis

Reviews and analysis

ACER has reviewed existing national, regional and international learning assessments, currently focusing on assessments of student learning outcomes in reading, mathematics and science.

Assessment GEMS

The Assessment GEMS series highlights important research topics of the GEM Centre, and provide a good insight into areas related to GEM.

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Piloting a new approach to analyse learning assessment systems in Ethiopia

Piloting a new learning assessment approach in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the first country to pilot the ACER-developed toolkit for the Analysis of National Learning Assessment Systems (ANLAS) by the GPE. ACER-GEM is contributing to the in-country support of the national team.

The Analysis of National Learning Assessment Systems

The Analysis of National Learning Assessment Systems

The new GPE initiative – The Analysis of National Learning Assessment Systems (ANLAS) – aims to strengthen learning assessment systems in partner countries. The ANLAS toolkit is developed by ACER, with substantial input from ACER-GEM specialists.

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