Reporting System

OWA reports

There are three types of interactive electronic reports produced by the OWA. All reports have been designed to support teaching programs and to diagnose the needs of groups and individuals within organisations.

Individual student report: graph and table

This report shows the detail of a candidate’s performance in relation to the ACSF levels and to the marking criteria.  The individual student report provides a graphical display of the student’s scale score on the assessment continuum and mapped to ACSF levels. Scores for all writing subskills assessed on both tasks are overlayed on the assessment continuum and shown numerically. Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted and educators gain rich information for developing learning plans for individual students.

Individual student report: response

The student response report shows summative information and a copy of the text written by the candidate. This report can be used as a basis for discussion between the candidate and the education provider/organisation/teacher. 

View an individual student sample report:


Group report

The group report is a downloadable csv file with OWA scale scores, combined scores and ACSF levels for all candidates who sat the assessment (cohort).  The group report in graph form enables administrators to see at a glance the achievements of all candidates against the ACSF and writing subskills.