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For admissions testing, PAIS Adaptive is the most effective as you can gain an even more precise picture of each students' achievement. Currently, PAIS Adaptive is available for both Reading and Mathematics. The content is based on ACER’s extensive international assessment experience – all questions have been trialled in the international context and reflect how concepts are taught in most curricula.

In adaptive assessments, students’ responses determine the content, resulting in personalised test pathways. 

Establishing performance distributions for your school

The first step in using PAIS for admissions at your school is to establish the performance distributions for each of your grade levels.

To create this, you will need to have your entire school, or a representative sample, sit the relevant PAIS Adaptive assessments. 

Then, advise ACER by email that you will need performance distributions for your school. You will receive a report, including the percentiles and median for each grade level.

We charge an administrative fee of 200 USD to create this report. If you require additional data, please advise us and we can negotiate your bespoke report requirements and fee.

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Administering the PAIS assessment

PAIS Adaptive is administered online through your school account. No additional software is required – it can be used in most up-to-date browsers.

The assessments are available to sit on-demand at any time through the school year. Students can also be instantly added into your account as you need.

Your results will then be available as soon as the students have completed the assessment.

Using your performance distribution data

Once the students in the admissions cohort have sat PAIS Adaptive, you can compare their results to the performance distributions ACER has created for you. If you require any guidance in this review, please feel free to reach out to the team. Note: Although students may sit different questions in PAIS Adaptive, their resulting scale scores can be accurately compared. 

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