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Effectively track student
learning over time
and inform progress


Instant and interactive

Sort and report data in a variety of ways to identify learning patterns and trends and pinpoint areas of need.

Reliable and informative

PAIS reports give the evidence you need to meet students where they are at, prove the impact of your teaching and work toward school improvement goals.

Easy to understand and use

Organise your data in a way that works for you. PAIS reports help you clearly demonstrate learning progress to students, parents and school leaders.

PAIS reports provides educators with valuable data and evidence, which can support schools in:

  • Monitoring student progress
  • Differentiating learning
  • Curriculum planning
  • Informing school improvement plans

Informed by extensive research and the Progressive Achievement approach

PAIS Adaptive reporting

The ACER Data Explorer:
A dynamic new way to report

Computer adaptive testing creates personalised test pathways tailored to the individual. The ACER Data Explorer allows you to interrogate every student’s response and compare achievement, even as students sit different questions.

Apply filters, switch between report formats or sort by date to reveal even more insights into student achievement. The ACER Data Explorer is a highly interactive reporting tool available only for PAIS Adaptive assessments.

PAIS ‘fixed level’ reporting

PAIS fixed level assessments provide 5 reports on student performance to help teachers and schools better understand where their students are positioned on the learning continuum.

Benchmark report

Provides an overview of your results, including the average scale score for your school with comparisons to students internationally.

Group report

Provides comprehensive performance information for all students who have completed the assessment.

Bands report

Provides an overview of the distribution of participating students across the described achievement bands for each subject.

Strand report

Provides scores for each skill area, allowing you to review the strengths and weaknesses of participating students.

Individual report

Provides comprehensive details on each student’s performance.

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