Uses for PAT assessments

Diagnose starting points

Establish what students are capable of, then challenge them at the appropriate level for effective learning.

Monitor student progress

Assess at recommended intervals to measure learning growth over time. Reporting at an individual, group or year level is quick and easy.

Flexible, secure and easy to administer

Each assessment is administered in under 60 minutes through ACER’s secure online platform, or using paper-based tests.

We’ve added exciting new assessments to the PAT range. Explore them below.

Assessments available in PAT

Maths Adaptive

Assess mathematical literacy and understanding across three strands and four proficiencies with test content personalised to each student.

Reading Adaptive

Measure reading literacy and comprehension, across four strands and 16 strand processes with test content personalised to each student.


Assess mathematical ability and measure growth from Years 1 to 10. Also available as an innovative adaptive assessment.


Assess reading comprehension and measure growth from Years 1 to 10. Also available as an innovative adaptive assessment.

Early Years Maths

Four assessments targeting mathematical ability in the first two years of schooling, supporting early intervention.

Early Years Reading

Four assessments targeting emergent reading skills (e.g. decoding) and comprehension in the first two years of schooling, supporting early intervention.

PAT Spelling Skills

Assess the skills underpinning spelling for a comprehensive understanding of spelling knowledge and ability.


Assess knowledge of spelling and skills in identifying and correcting spelling errors.

Vocabulary Skills

Measure the breadth and depth of vocabulary and associated processing skills for a comprehensive understanding of vocabulary knowledge and ability.


Assess word knowledge through synonyms.


Assess science knowledge, scientific literacy, and understanding and application of scientific principles.

Inquiry and Problem Solving in STEM Contexts

Measure a student's ability to solve problems and answer questions through inquiry in STEM settings.

Grammar & Punctuation

Assess understanding of the standard Australian English language conventions of grammar and punctuation.

PAT Critical Reasoning

Assess a student’s ability to analyse and evaluate ideas and arguments – a fundamental subset of the skills that constitute critical thinking. 

More than half of all Australian schools use PAT to target teaching and improve student learning.

Pricing and purchasing

Online assessments and reporting

Option 1

12-month licence

Pricing displayed is calculated in isolation of any other products licensed through ACER. Please contact our support team for a personalised quote.

Licence terms and notes

Assessment price
Select school size for price
Select school size for price
Select school size for price

Option 2

Individual student cost for online assessment

Per student administration
Must be pre‑purchased

Purchasing online assessments and reporting

Existing users

Log into your ACER school account and purchase assessments through the store.

New users, or need purchase support?

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Scoring and reporting

Reporting is easy with PAT. Report on individuals, classes or year levels and compare results across groups.

Online assessments

All tests are automatically scored and reports generated in each school’s online account.

PAT online reporting  

Print assessments

Teachers can score and report manually or electronically, or use ACER’s Test Scoring and Analysis service.