Who can offer the SYLF?

The SYLF has been designed with the flexibility to be offered by Schools and TAFE Colleges Australia-wide. 

To offer the SYLF, Schools and TAFE Colleges will need to apply to become 'Senior Years Learning Framework' course providers.

The application process involves four key steps:

  1. Submission of expression of interest form
  2. School visit
  3. Submission of application form
  4. Decision on accreditation application

Course providers can expect the application process to take approximately 9 weeks.

Further information on how to become a 'Senior Years Learning Framework' course provider is avaliable by viewing the guide to school application.

For additional enquiries about the accreditation process, course providers are advised to contact ACER.

Where is the SYLF currently offered?

In 2012, Wesley College Melbourne will offer the new SYLF to students attending the Yiramalay/Wesley Studio School on Leopold Downs Cattle Station, via Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley, N.T.

Students from both the Kimberley region and Wesley College Melbourne will undertake the SYLF, having the opportunity for personal intercultural development as well as undertaking intensive learning in the pastoral, eco tourism and mining industries.