Who is the SYLF for?

The SYLF has been developed to offer students across Australia the chance to study a senior secondary program designed to enhance both their academic and future workplace skills.

The dual stream program allows for flexible and targeted learning options that provide a clear pathway for students, helping them to identify their future workplace, vocational or tertiary study goals.  

Why study the SYLF?

The SYLF is for students who want to prove to potential employers and tertiary institutions that they have:

  • everyday adult reading, writing and speaking skills
  • everyday mathematics skills
  • an ability to make everyday use of computers and the internet
  • actively participated in a community focused project or voluntary work and
  • demonstrated self confidence, teamwork skills and a sense of social awareness

Sucessful completion of the SYLF at either level provides evidence that a student has engaged in a full and holistic senior secondary education with the advantage of having gained significant workplace skills through the structured industry placement.

Who can study the SYLF?

As a national qualification, the SYLF is avaliable to all students throughout Australia who have completed Year 10 or the equivalent.

The SYLF can also be studied by adults interested in obtaining a senior secondary qualification.