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Tuesday, 4 Dec 2007

Australian results from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2006 were released at 20:00 AEDT on 4 December 2007.

Media releases

Australian students perform well in science, but many below OECD baseline

Issued 20:00 AEDT Tuesday 4 December 2007

A global study involving more than 400,000 15-year-olds in 57 countries provides the latest report card on Australia’s progress in providing a world-class education system.

Newly released results from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2006 show that, while the scientific literacy levels of Australian 15-year-olds are significantly above the OECD average, and either similar to or higher than most of our trading partners, many students in this country continue to struggle.   

Download media release (PDF: 56KB)

PISA shows Indigenous students continue to struggle

Issued 20:00 AEDT Tuesday 4 December 2007

The latest results from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) show a continuing wide gap in academic achievement between Australia’s Indigenous and non Indigenous students with very little improvement since PISA was first conducted in 2000.

The results from PISA 2006 were released today by the OECD in Paris with an Australian national report released simultaneously by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

Download media release (PDF: 52 KB)

Fact sheets

In addition to the above media release, ACER has prepared the following series of seven fact sheets addressing various aspects of the PISA study and its findings from an Australian perspective.

1. What is PISA? - Download fact sheet (PDF: 28 KB)
2. What does PISA test? - Download fact sheet (PDF: 32 KB)
3. International rankings - Download fact sheet (PDF: 32 KB)
4. Have standards changed? - Download fact sheet (PDF: 24 KB)
5. State/territory performances - Download fact sheet (PDF: 44 KB)
6. At risk students - Download fact sheet (PDF: 156 KB)
7. High quality/High equity - Download fact sheet (PDF: 40 KB)


The Australian national PISA report is currently available as a PDF document only. Print copies will be available in January 2008. Information on how to obtain a print copy of the report and PISA in Brief will be posted to this website as it becomes available.

Full report

Exploring Scientific Literacy: How Australia measures up Sue Thomson and Lisa De Bortoli

Dowload full report (PDF: 312 pages, 9.78 MB)

Download Executive Summary only (PDF: 14 pages, 86 KB)

PISA in Brief

Highlights from the full Australian report have been published in a separate document, PISA in Brief from Australia's perspective by Sue Thomson and Lisa De Bortoli.

Download PISA in Brief  (PDF: 16 pages, 2.23 MB)

International report

The international PISA report is available on the OECD website at www.oecd.org

Further information about PISA 2006

Additional information on PISA 2006 is available from the OECD website. 

Visit the PISA National website for more information about PISA in Australia.

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