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Encouraging language learning with the 2023 Northern Territory Languages Competition

Encouraging language learning with the 2023 Northern Territory Languages Competition

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The 2023 Northern Territory Language Competition is a free initiative by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in partnership with the Language Teachers Association of the Northern Territory (LTANT) to promote additional language learning in the region.

The competition is available for Northern Territory students in years 7-12 across 8 languages. Students participate by sitting their chosen Assessment of Languages Competence (ALC) test during the competition period, 5 June to 16 June.

The top three students in each language and level will receive a medal.

‘This year's competition is the first time LTANT and ACER have combined forces,’ said Candice Slingerland, President of LTANT. ‘Through the competition, we hope that our students in the Northern Territory can be nationally recognised for their efforts in our language classrooms and promote this success within their own schools.’

‘In the Northern Territory, we are the gateway to the rest of the world. Students learning languages in our schools makes sense, because these students need to be set up to live in a globalised society.’

Fusae Nojima, Project Director of the ALC agrees that language learning for students in Australia is an important pursuit.

‘Learning an additional language opens lots of opportunities. With globalisation, technological advancements, and human mobility and migration, it is imperative to promote the value of learning languages and cultures.’

Ms Nojima noted that ‘research in language education shows individual benefits for learning additional languages, such as higher literacy skills, memory enhancement and greater school performance.

‘There are also social benefits, including an increased appreciation of other cultures and broader career opportunities. For young Australians, it is important to learn a language to equip them with values and skills that help them in their life beyond school.’

‘Through the delivery of the Competition, ACER hopes to encourage language learning for students and teachers in the Northern Territory, especially by officially recognising student achievement in language learning.’

Competition details

The competition is available for secondary school students in the Northern Territory. To enquire about taking part, please contact Registrations have officially closed, but late registrants can be accepted if you contact the team directly.

Results will be available in late June with awards distributed to students in July.

You can also learn more about the ALC at

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