Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020

Now you’ve administered your PAT assessments, it’s time to tell a story about progressive achievement in your classroom using assessment data. 

This 11-minute ‘how to’ video is your guide to running individual and group reports that will help you determine where each student is in their learning journey and target teaching accordingly.

PAT reports give detailed information such as how a student responded to individual questions, their scale score (a measure of student ability in the subject area that is independent of the test form), and percentile (the percentage of students in the national comparison group who scored above or below them) and stanine rankings. This level of detail allows you to identify trends that will help guide your teaching decisions.

The insights a PAT report gives into student responses go well beyond a correct or incorrect assessment. They also reveal the percentage of students who answered an individual question correctly, a scale score indicating degree of difficulty, a summary of the skills being assessed and any links with the Australian curriculum.

You can sort your results in many ways - by question difficulty, strand and percentage of correct responses, for example - and transform them into visual representations such as graphs that will help you more easily identify areas that need further work in the classroom. PAT data support your professional judgement and expertise by confirming your observations and providing the evidence you need to make changes to your practice.

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