Target teaching to every student's strengths

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre helps you differentiate teaching in your classroom, offering the perfect resources to challenge each student at the appropriate level.

Features and uses

Connect to students’ PAT assessment results

Direct in-platform links from assessment data to appropriate resources make targeted teaching easy.

Mapped to Australian, Victorian and New South Wales curricula

F–10 resources that are directly connected to local and national curricula.

Immediate classroom application

These time-saving, evidenced-based resources are classroom-ready, and are loved by teachers and leading educators across Australia.

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Resource types

A screenshot of the Teaching Resources Centre showing an annotated question

Annotated questions

  • Provide explanations of specific PAT assessment questions
  • Explain the key concepts and skills required to answer a question correctly
  • Discuss common errors and misconceptions
  • Assist in identifying specific skills that have been acquired, or have yet to be learned by students

A screenshot of the Teaching Resources Centre showing a teaching activity

Teaching activities

  • Allow teachers to differentiate to students’ ability levels
  • Identify and set specific learning intentions
  • Provide classroom examples to scaffold students’ skills development
  • Provide further reading and links to PAT assessment examples


  • Target teacher or student capacity building
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for teachers
  • Explore how resources may be used in the classroom
  • Demonstrate learning activities that aid students’ skill development

Free remote learning activities

Supporting learning from home

  • Assist teachers with remote differentiation, supporting continued learning progression at home
  • Include videos, student worksheets and teacher notes
  • Designed to be worked on independently by students, or with minimal adult intervention
  • Can be delivered directly to students or adapted by teachers

Free remote learning resources 

A wealth of teaching resources



teaching activities


annotated questions



teaching activities


annotated questions

STEM Contexts


teaching activities


annotated questions

Vocabulary Skills


teaching activities


annotated questions