ACER is pleased to offer a series of webinars targeted to schools using, or about to use, the PAT Progressive Achievement suite online.

These webinars feature content relevant to assessments, surveys and resources that are delivered using ACER’s online assessment platform.

Further details and registration links are available within the Help section of your school's registered online assessment and reporting account. If you have misplaced the web address for your school's account, use the Find My School search to retrieve it.

Progressive Achievement (PAT) webinar topics:

  • Setting up your online account for 2020 (12/02/20)
  • Where are your students in their learning? (26/02/20)
  • PAT Early Years Maths: Assessing and teaching mathematical skills in the early years of school (04/03/20)
  • Effective integration of PAT data and the PAT Teaching Resources Centre (29/07/20)
  • PAT administration and testing recommendations (19/08/20)
  • Using PAT Reading in the classroom (26/08/20)
  • Using PAT Maths in the classroom (02/09/20)
  • Using PAT Vocabulary Skills in the classroom (09/09/20)
  • A look at PAT Bands Reports (13/10/20)
  • A look at PAT Group & Individual Reports (14/10/20)
  • A look at PAT Longitudinal Reports (15/10/20)
  • Using PAT Science in the classroom (04/11/20)
  • Using PAT STEM Contexts in the classroom (11/11/12)


Visit the Help section within your school's online account to access further resources designed to support teachers and school leaders in the effective use of ACER assessments and resources.

If your school does not yet have an account, please complete and submit the registration form or read more about School Online Assessment and Reporting.

Please email our support team with any further questions or to suggest/request future webinar topics.