ACER is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation with more than 90 years of experience providing quality educational research.

With offices in six countries, our research supports policymakers, leaders and educators to improve educational policy and practice for learners around the world.

Creating knowledge to inform policy and practice

Data gathering

We assist educational decision makers at all levels to develop better understandings of educational challenges, opportunities and progress over time.

Large-scale assessment  Assessment reform & innovation 

Action Planning

We promote better outcomes for all learners through the identification and implementation of evidence-based policies and practices.

Program & policy evaluation  School & system improvement 

Improving learning across the lifespan

Early childhood

Our research informs the provision of high quality early childhood education and care that promotes holistic learning and development.


We draw on our expertise in education policy, curricula, assessment, teaching, learning and leadership to generate evidence for change.

Tertiary & vocational

We support policymakers, leaders, educators and learners in the tertiary, vocational, adult and workplace education sectors.

Creating evidence for
improvement with PISA 2025

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Education 2030 Agenda

Our work supports global efforts to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, in particular goal 4: to ensure quality education for all.

ACER is:

  • an official partner of UNESCO
  • a recognised partner in all areas of large-scale assessment for UNICEF countries in the Asia-Pacific region
  • a key partner of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML)

Monitoring education worldwide

The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Centre works to ensure that education policies, practices and investments are influenced by high-quality evidence.

GEM Centre 

Improving learning in developing contexts

ACER is helping to strengthen education systems and improve educational outcomes for millions of children living in low- and middle-income countries.

Education and development 

Committed to the UN SDGs

Working closely with global, regional and national education stakeholders, ACER provides technical support to enable monitoring of progress towards SDG 4.

Sustainable Development Goals 

Featured projects

ACER Research Repository

ACEReSearch repository contains ACER’s research available in digital form, including reports, working papers, conference papers, and more.

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Our partners

We partner with a range of international organisations, national governments, intergovernmental organisations and regional bodies around the world.

Our people

One of ACER’s great strengths is its people. Our research staff have years of experience in a range of disciplines and research methods.

Photo of Prof Geoff Masters
Prof Geoff Masters
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Juliette Mendelovits
Juliette Mendelovits
Head of Assessment & Psychometric Research
Photo of Dr Daniel Edwards
Dr Daniel Edwards
Head of Education Research, Policy & Development
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Working with ACER

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Ensuring ethical research practice

ACER’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is registered with Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and follows the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

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