PAT Professional Learning

In 2019 ACER is offering a suite of accredited PAT Professional Learning courses for leaders and teachers of primary and secondary schools.

Each course aims to assist schools to progress through an effective implementation of PAT, starting from the school’s current experience. On successful completion of each course, participants will receive an ACER certificate of achievement.

Using and interpreting data in schools is a foundation level professional learning course that complements PAT Professional Learning.  The course is  focused on developing teachers’ expertise in using and interpreting different types of data in a school context. It is designed for teachers and school leaders who wish to build solid shared understandings and shared language about the kinds of data used in schools, the different ways in which data can be represented, and what they can tell teachers about student learning. 

PAT Professional Learning

How to choose your PAT Professional Learning

ACER is offering a series of courses to cater to schools in different phases of their PAT Professional Learning journey. The PAT Phases guide can help you assess your progress in implementing PAT testing across your school. Use the guide to find the appropriate course to help you take the next step.

Step 1  Choose the phase

Step 2  Choose the program

PAT phases 2017

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