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Reporting mediums

Online assessments

All tests are automatically scored and reports generated in each school’s online account.

ACER’s sophisticated online platform makes reporting easy

  • Instant and interactive

    Sort and report data in different ways to help identify learning patterns and trends, and pinpoint areas of need.

  • Reliable and informative

    PAT reports give you the evidence you need to meet student needs, prove the impact of your teaching and work towards school improvement goals.

  • Flexible and easy to understand

    ACER’s sophisticated online platform makes reporting fast and simple.

“Being able to organise our assessment results in several different ways has helped us identify skills gaps and take steps towards better meeting our students’ needs.”

Individual report

Individual report

Provides comprehensive details on each student’s individual performance.

Group Report

Group Report

Provides comprehensive performance information for all students who have completed the Challenge.

Bands Report

Bands Report

Provides an overview of the distribution of particpating students across the described achievement bands for each learning area.

Speak to an expert

Ask us about the PAT reports best suited to your school’s needs.