Progressive Achievement Tests are designed to provide objective, norm-referenced information to teachers about their students’ skills and understandings in a range of key areas.

In adopting and using Progressive Achievement Tests to investigate and diagnose student learning and to monitor progress over time, teachers are working within a growth mindset, with the benefits of targeted teaching, increased levels of student engagement and improved learning outcomes. 

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Early Years

STEM Contexts

Assesses students’ skill and understanding in the six strands of Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Probability

Assesses students’ reading comprehension skills, vocabulary knowledge and spelling

Assesses students’ understanding of the standard English language conventions of grammar and punctuation

Assesses science knowledge, scientific literacy and understanding of scientific principles, as well as their application

Maths and reading assessments for students in the first two years of their schooling

Measures a student's ability to solve problems and answer questions through inquiry in STEM settings. Available 3 June 2019

Online assessments

PATMaths 4th Edition

PAT Reading 5th Edition
PAT Vocabulary

PAT Spelling
PAT Punctuation & Grammar

PAT Science

PAT Early Years Maths
PAT Early Years Reading

PAT Inquiry and Problem Solving in STEM Contexts

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PATMaths 4th Edition
PATMaths 3rd Edition

PAT-R Comprehension
PAT-R Comprehension: Advanced
PAT-R Vocabulary
PAT-R Spelling

PAT Written Spelling
PAT Punctuation & Grammar

PAT Science

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