ACER United Kingdom (ACER UK), registered as ACER International United Kingdom Limitedis wholly owned by ACER Limited and operates as a member of the ACER group of companies. ACER UK has an office in London.

ACER UK undertakes commissioned educational research, professional development and capacity building programs and provides assessment services in the UK and the region.

ACER UK supports the UK Standards and Testing Agency in the development of items for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs; provides advice to the British Council on population definition and sample design for research on the English proficiency of students in around 20 countries; and continues the development and delivery of the Essential Learning Metrics to schools across England.

The team at ACER UK is highly experienced in test development, survey design and psychometric analysis; the management and administration of large-scale research projects; and the organisation of seminars, conferences and professional development programs.

Research work:

Key elements of the work program undertaken or delivered by ACER in the UK include:

Essential learning metrics

Essential Learning Metrics encompasses a range of evidence-based assessment tools to help you monitor your pupils’ progress in the key areas that underpin their learning during their school years.


MSAP UK is a test used by universities and higher education colleges to assist them in the process of admissions offers.


GAMSAT in the UK is a test used by Graduate Medical Schools to assist in the selection of students to participate in the graduate-entry programs in the UK.

Juliette Mendelovits
Juliette Mendelovits

ACER’s primary contact in the UK