Book 2 resources

Creative Activities in Mathematics Book 2Creative Activities in Mathematics Book 2 provides nine different class activities suitable for students in upper primary school (Years 4 to 7), along with teaching notes and staged lesson plans.

About the authors

Derek Holton is a mathematician and an Honorary Professor at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Duncan Symons is a Lecturer of Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Melbourne.

Student materials

Download a full set of activity sheets that provide a framework for student responses. These can be printed or copied for use in class.

Download activity sheets

Additional online resources

Part 1: Number and Algebra

Chapter 1: Hours in a day

Chapter 2: Magimaths

Chapter 3: Mr Mac’s iPhone


Part 2: Measurement and Geometry

Chapter 4: Hubcaps

  1. Rotational symmetry (video) -
  2. Indigenous Instyle -
  3. Dunghutti-Ngaku Aboriginal Art Gallery (DNAAG) -
  4. Rose windows -
  5. Rotational symmetry -

Chapter 5: Goats and wheels


Part 3: Statistics and Probability

Chapter 7: Sports shots

Chapter 8: Roman gamblers

Chapter 9: The school fete

  • Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine (video) -
  • The Likert scale -

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