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Creative Activities in Mathematics Book 3Creative Activities in Mathematics Book Three provides nine different class activities suitable for students in lower and middle secondary school (Years 7 to 10), along with teaching notes and staged lesson plans.

About the authors

Derek Holton is a mathematician and an Honorary Professor at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Charles Lovitt has directed several Australian national and state mathematics projects and is now a consultant and workshop presenter

Student materials

Download a full set of activity sheets that provide a framework for student responses. These can be printed or copied for use in class. This set also includes a number of extension activities for advanced students.

Download activity sheets

Additional online resources

Part 1: Number and Algebra

Chapter 2: The Tower of Hanoi

Chapter 3: Nim-like games


Part 2: Measurement and Geometry

Chapter 4: Hidden treasure

Chapter 5: Tessellations

Chapter 6: How high is a building?


Part 3: Statistics and Probability

Chapter 7: Greedy Pig

Chapter 8: Pascal's triangle

Chapter 9: Monty Hall's problem

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