New quick guides for accessing your PAT reports and data

Thursday, 30 Nov 2023

Need some advice on generating your PAT reports? We have new video guides to help you explore your data.

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Q&A with Donna Cross, an author of ‘Leading improvement in school community wellbeing’

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023

More than ever before, the wellbeing of students, staff and the school community are important priorities for principals and school leaders. Recently, we talked with Dr Donna Cross about the book and what actions school leaders can take.

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How students use ICT: knowledge gaps identified in new study

Friday, 3 Nov 2023

Identifying where Australian students need support in using digital tools for study or work is now easier for schools, thanks to a report by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). 

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Using PAT norms

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2023

Our School Engagement team recently presented an informative webinar about defining, tracking and monitoring achievement with PAT. Led by Matt Bongetti, the session detailed how PAT norms could be used to provide valuable insights into your students’ results.  

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Talking about growth: Measuring achievement over time

Thursday, 31 Aug 2023

Read the key takeaways from our recent webinar focusing on the third phase of ACER’s Progressive Achievement approach: tracking progress and monitoring the growth of student achievement over time with the PAT suite.

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