Dates and resources for 2021 lesson plans

Friday, 5 Feb 2021

These teaching resources on events of national and international significance will liven up your 2021 lesson plans and excite and engage students.

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Remote learning didn’t affect most NSW primary students in our study academically. But wellbeing suffered

Tuesday, 2 Feb 2021

This article in The Conversation on research from the University of Newcastle is a powerful demonstration of how to use PAT to track and understand student learning progress.

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Four elements of effective remote learning

Wednesday, 16 Dec 2020

A recent ACER report for AISNSW provides an important overview of insights from research that may help predict the consequences – and minimise the impact – of disrupted schooling during the pandemic.

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Understanding PAT reference data

Thursday, 12 Nov 2020

At this point in the school year, you have probably started to run your PAT assessment reports and are beginning to gain valuable insights into your students’ learning progress.

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Running PAT reports: a quick guide

Wednesday, 11 Nov 2020

This short video guide tells you everything you need to know about accessing PAT assessment data.

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