Tailored test design

PAT Adaptive creates personalised test pathways determined by student responses, giving a more precise picture of student achievement and even greater diagnostic power.

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Enhanced reporting

The PAT Data Explorer is an exciting new way to explore results. Sort and report data in different ways and switch instantly between report formats with a single click.

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Easy to administer

No more manually selecting test entry points. PAT Adaptive does this for you automatically.

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PAT Maths Adaptive

Assess mathematical literacy and understanding across six content strands using test content personalised to each student.

PAT Reading Adaptive

Measure reading literacy and understanding, across four strands using test content personalised to each student.

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Conventional assessments treat all students ‘equally’ by delivering the same set content. Adaptive assessments attuned to individual needs are a fairer, more precise way to test.

Tailored test design

In conventional assessments, students answer the same questions. But in adaptive assessments, students’ responses determine the content, resulting in personalised test pathways. The result is a highly detailed picture of achievement, enabling us to more precisely diagnose student needs and target teaching where it is needed most.

Tailoring assessments to individual student needs is an ultimately fairer way to test. Read more about adaptive assessments in PAT Insights.

Enhanced reporting

The dynamic PAT Data Explorer makes understanding data easier than ever. Instantly sort and report results for powerful new insights into student performance. Apply filters, change dates and arrange data to meet your needs with this interactive and intuitive reporting tool.

The new PAT Data Explorer is available with PAT Adaptive and integrates seamlessly with conventional assessment data. Read more about the PAT Data Explorer in PAT Insights.

Adding PAT Adaptive is easy

Adaptive and conventional PAT assessments describe achievement in the same way, using ACER’s Progressive Achievement scales in maths and reading, so monitoring student progress over time is easy. Use adaptive and conventional assessments together for new insights into achievement, or add PAT Adaptive today while retaining the ability to compare results with previous years.

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