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New resource to help grow educational ideas

New resource to help grow educational ideas

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A new resource designed to help grow ideas in education for maximum impact, based on the findings of the Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy study, was launched in April.

Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy (LLEAP) is a three-year study of the impact of philanthropy in education. The findings from the first year of LLEAP were released in December 2011 and informed the development of the LLEAP Dialogue Series, a practical guide on grant making and grant seeking in education, co-authored by LLEAP Project Director and ACER Senior Research Fellow, Dr Michelle Anderson, and ACER Research Fellow, Dr Emma Curtin.

Pitched at inexperienced grant seekers and grant makers in education of all levels, the LLEAP Dialogue Series Guide is an evidence-based manual that provides practical tips, support materials and tools for effective grant seeking and making. The LLEAP Dialogue Series Cases companion document examines examples of effective engagement of philanthropy in education.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Michelle Anderson said that ‘dialogue’ was a fitting name for the resource because the concepts of collaboration and discussion underpin the work of the LLEAP project.

‘Great ideas with no way of taking them forward are wasted ideas,’ said Dr Anderson.

‘One of the light bulb moments from our work during the first year of LLEAP was the incredible breadth of expertise that philanthropy can offer schools.’

The LLEAP Dialogue Series was launched by noted historian and Governor of The Ian Potter Foundation, Professor Geoffrey Blainey, AC, who recounted examples of successful collaboration from Australia’s history, such as the advent of the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Professor Blainey also reflected that people can grow their ideas and learn through watching a good example, highlighting that the LLEAP Dialogue Series may be such an example to those working in education and philanthropy.

During the panel discussion held at the launch, Professor Brian Caldwell, Chair of the LLEAP Advisory Group, said it was important to get the LLEAP Dialogue Series Guide and the Cases companion document into the hands of every school and every philanthropic organisation in Australia.

‘It’s very rare that one can find a guide that is so immediately useable,’ said Professor Caldwell.

The Head of the recently established Origin Foundation, Mr Sean Barrett, described the LLEAP project as the ‘missing link’ that would have been invaluable in directing their own work to establish philanthropic collaborations in education.

In her closing address, Mrs Janet Hirst, CEO of The Ian Potter Foundation, spoke of the significant achievements that LLEAP has accomplished in its first year.

‘We expected to have taken a few steps down the road by this time but, true to its name, LLEAP has gone ahead in bounding strides,’ said Mrs Hirst.

The launch of the LLEAP Dialogue Series took place at the State Library of Victoria on Tuesday 24 April 2012. LLEAP is an initiative of ACER’s Tender Bridge, in partnership with, and with funding from, The Ian Potter Foundation and the Origin Foundation.

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