For Maths the Centre provides over 250 concept builders linked to over 500 annotated PAT Maths test questions. In Reading the centre provides over 250 teaching activities and lesson plans linked to over 300 annotated PAT Reading Comprehension test questions.

There’s a wealth of resources in the Centre to be explored. Some samples are provided here to illustrate this richness.

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Sample content

PAT Maths - Sample concept builders

Resources are available for the all maths strands and span Year 1 to 10. Typically concept builders, annotated test questions and Australian Curriculum links are provided.

Concept builders are built around the content of the PAT Maths tests and can be used by teachers to assist students to consolidate their skills in various areas. Sample concept builders from the eight sub-strands across a range of achievement bands are available to be viewed.

Annotated questions from the PAT tests list the key concepts and skills required to answer a question and identify the key and common errors and misconceptions through distracter reasoning. Annotated test questions can only be viewed by schools who have subscribed to the Teaching Resources Centre.

Strand Sub strand Concept builder
Number and Algebra Whole number operation Proportional reasoning
Fractions and decimals Solving problems involving fractions
Money and financial mathematics Addition of small amounts of money
Patterns and algebra Repeating patterns of shapes or objects
Using letters to represent numbers
Measurement and Geometry Measurement Informal comparison of length
Geometry Types of symmetry
Problems involving shape
Statistics and Probability Statistics Interpreting more complex data tables
Probability Describing chance using words

PAT Reading - sample teaching activities

Reading Comprehension resources are available for four main skills areas - Retrieving directly stated information, Interpreting explicit information, Interpreting implied information, and Reflecting on the text – for Foundation to Year 10. Teaching activities directly build on the skills required to students to understand and be able to correctly answer PAT test questions. Australian Curriculum references are also provided.

Annotated questions from the PAT Tests provide an explanation of the correct answer and explore the text complexity. Annotated test questions can only be viewed by schools who have subscribed to the Teaching Resources Centre.

Teaching activities are lesson plans with clearly stated learning intentions. Some sample teaching activities from the skill area ‘Interpreting implied information’ for the Achievement band 110–119 are available to be viewed.

Interpreting implied information 110 – 119

Students in this achievement band are consolidating their skills in making inferences when they have to deal with some competing information. They are learning to select relevant clues or evidence and to recognise when they need to read closely and carefully. They are beginning to distinguish between implied overarching ideas and explicit details. They are learning how to recognise tone as a source of evidence for inferences and to reason carefully in selecting the most likely prediction. Students with scale scores towards the top of this achievement band are also consolidating some skills in the band above. Students with scale scores towards the bottom of this achievement band are still consolidating some skills in the band below.

Topic Teaching activities
Reading closely Recognising false leads (+ extension)
Reading carefully (+ extension)
Inferring overarching ideas Inferring underlying values 2 (+ extension)
Inferring character
Summarising 1
Summarising 2 (+ extension)
Inferring underlying values 1
Using tone The writer’s tone 2 (+ extension)
Tone in an information text (+ extension)
The writer’s tone 1
Making predictions Discounting options (+ extension)

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