Who is Compass for?

Compass is a computer-based assessment of core literacy and numeracy skills specifically designed for disengaged and educationally marginalised young people and adults.

The assessment uses realistic vibrant question prompts to actively engage test takers with disrupted exposure to formal education, testing and assessment.  

Compass is distinct from mainstream literacy and numeracy tests. A sample group of disengaged young adults played an active role in selecting the final test questions during the development of the assessment.

See Test Content for further details.

Flexible delivery

Compass provides an assessment of literacy and numeracy that can be delivered in a flexible, non-intimidating test environment. Testing does not have to take place in an educational setting. 

This assists with assessing those disengaged from education, as traditional forms of testing can act as a barrier towards reengagement with formal learning.

See Test Delivery Options for more information. 

ACSF alignment

Compass is aligned to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), the common national reference point for describing performance in the core skill areas.