The ACER Foundation was established to initiate, develop and manage research-based projects that aim to address the needs of educationally disadvantaged groups in the community. The work of the ACER Foundation is carried out in collaboration with partners including corporate, government and philanthropic bodies.

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ACER Foundation Advisory Board

The ACER Foundation Advisory Board was established in 2014 to provide support, ideas and advice on the planned program of work for the ACER Foundation, including new initiatives, and report regularly to the ACER Board of Directors.

The ACER Foundation Advisory Board meets each quarter and is Chaired by Ralph Saubern. Other members of the ACER Foundation Advisory Board are Prof Geoff Masters AO, Dr John Ainley, Wayne Dawes, Deirdre Jackson, and ACER Foundation Director Lisa Norris.

Expert Research Committee

The Expert Research Committee advises the Foundation and oversees research projects undertaken through or supported by the ACER Foundation.

Members of the Expert Research Committee are Dr Sue Thomson, Dr Sheldon Rothman, Dr Catherine McClellan and Dr Nathan Zoanetti.

A word from ACER CEO Prof Geoff Masters AO about the ACER Foundation.