Test levels

Compass offers three test difficulty levels in both English and Mathematics.  

The determination of the test level is crucial to the experience of the test taker and their engagement with the assessment.

The levels have been colour coded so that test takers are not aware of the level selected for their assessment.  This is designed to minimise any potential loss of self esteem or competition amongst test takes and to enhance engagement with the tests.

Test Colour Approximate Skill Level
Level 1: Blue Lower Primary (6 to 7 years) ACSF level 1-2
Level 2: Orange Middle Primary (8-9 years) ACSF level 2-3
Level 3: Purple Upper Primary/Lower Secondary (10-12 years)
ACSF level 3 or above

Ability driven assessment

Disengaged young people and adults are likely to possess skill levels significantly lower than the mainstream population approximate to their age.  

A key feature of the Compass assessment is the capability to direct test takers to the appropriate test level based on their current skills and abilities.

Compass also enables the selection of assessments at different levels across test components.  For example, a test taker may be given a Blue test in English and an Orange test in Mathematics. 

Allocating test levels

Gatepost Assessment

The assessment is delivered to the test taker with a set of six initial questions.  Based on their responses, test takers will be automatically directed to the appropriate difficulty level.  These questions do not count towards the test takers final score. 

To access a sample online Compass assessment showing questions at each test level, please contact compass@acer.org for a set of complimentary log ins.