Test results

A comprehensive series of reports is available immediately upon completion of the Compass assessment. 

Individual test takers

A two-page results report is provided for each test taker detailing:

  1. Student name, date of birth and test date
  2. Test level attempted
  3. Question type, strand and options
  4. Question responses selected - correct, incorrect, not attempted
  5. A total raw score, percentage correct and Compass scale score
  6. Matching ACSF indicators with Proficiency Level Descriptors

View sample reports for Maths and Reading.

All test takers also receive a performance summary included in their Certificate of Achievement. Test takers can view these using their username and password once the test is complete.

Test administrators decide whether to release full reports to individual test takers.

Interactive group reports

Interactive group reports can be generated based on the test level completed. Test administrators can access these at any time through their online account.

Test takers’ answers are presented under each question number. Correct answers are shown with green ticks, incorrect answers are coloured red with the option chosen displayed and NA represents questions not attempted. Full questions can be viewed by clicking on the question number. 

Group reports can be filtered and sorted, graphed and exported into Excel based on clients needs.

Using the results

Individual results are a powerful indicator of a test taker's current level of proficiency in literacy and numeracy and their estimated ACSF-aligned skill levels.

Results can be used to:

  1. Inform learning plans for individuals
  2. Target specific areas of weakness and build upon recognised strengths

When individuals are re-tested at least 6 months after the initial sitting, results can also:

  1. Monitor improvements over time
  2. Show the effectiveness of intervention strategies