Action Research: Assessment

ACER Accredited Short Courses

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25 Jan to 7 May 2021 Online
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19 Apr to 30 Jul 2021 Online
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Action Research: Assessment 

ACER Accredited Online Course 


This course is for participants from schools and educational systems who already have established processes for assessment and data analysis and who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice to use assessment data to inform teaching and student learning through an action research approach. 

For schools progressing through the Progressive Achievement Learning Series, this course aligns with Phases 4–5. 

A fully facilitated course 

ACER accredited online courses provide a highly interactive experience supported by an experienced facilitator. The course design encourages interaction and collaboration in conjunction with appropriate and effective pedagogies. The online facilitator in your course will promote interaction and communication among participants through building and conveying knowledge and modelling relevant skills.  

Entry requirements 

  • You have (at minimum) an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline from an approved tertiary institution;  
  • You have experience in an educational setting; and 
  • You meet the minimum English language entry requirements. 

Intended learning outcomes 

You will develop knowledge of: 

  • The purpose and importance of assessment for learning;  
  • The importance of empirically-based learning domains for assessing student learning; 
  • Interpreting and evaluating data to inform teaching and learning sequences; and 
  • The design and implementation of an action research project using assessment data. 

Course in detail 

The course is delivered online and consists of modules and assessments. The modules are interactive and participants work through examples and activities to build skills and knowledge. 

A Masters level course 

Action Research: Assessment is designed as an AQF Level 9 (Masters level) unit/subject, meaning participants can get a taste of Masters level study before committing to a full Masters degree. It enables professionals to satisfy their personal and professional interest in a specific area, while potentially earning credit points towards a Masters degree. By successfully completing the Action Research: Assessment course, you may be eligible to apply for credit points towards an equivalent Masters degree (by coursework) with an accredited higher education provider. 

Introduction to Action Research: Assessment 

The course provides an opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the purpose and importance of assessment for learning. Drawing from research and evidence to improve teaching and learning for all students, course participants will enhance both their teaching and assessment practices by developing greater capabilities in evidence-based decision-making, and critical evaluation of new and existing assessment methods. 

Participants are then introduced to the purpose, theory and practice of classroom-based action research as a model for continuous, evidence-based improvement. A case study of a school that has used student assessment data and an action research approach to improve student learning outcomes provides a framework for developing participants’ skills and knowledge in designing an action research project in their own educational setting. 

Module 1: What is action research? 

This module introduces you to action research literature and methodologies and guides you through the action research cycle. SMART goals are identified and action research steps are mapped against the model we have introduced. 

Module 2: The basics of an action research project 

This module focuses on the elements and principles underpinning a robust action research report. We look at the difference between quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research, and the distinctive structures and processes relating to each type of research. 

Module 3: Data collection and analysis 

This module concentrates on different kinds of data collection methods and their purpose. It identifies appropriate data collection strategies to address SMART goals, and explores a range of data analysis frameworks. 

Module 4: Writing an action research project 

This module identifies the different elements of an action research report. It looks at the purpose and audience of a report and uses a case study to demonstrate the components of each stage of action research.  

Learning assurance task 

Write an action research report based on work you have conducted in your context over the duration of the course. 

On successful completion of this course, participants will receive an ACER certificate of achievement. 

Course mode:  Online 

Course duration:  150 hours over 15 weeks 

Cost:  $2,000.00 (including GST) 

Event contact

03 9277 5202