Data-driven decisions: PAT

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Data-driven decisions: PAT  

ACER-accredited online course

Offered on-demand for 25 participants or more, delivered by ACER experts either fully-online or in blended mode – we come to you! 


This course is for educators who seek to use Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) data as a diagnostic tool to make informed decisions about teaching and learning in the classroom. The different types of PAT reports are analysed and interpreted to inform modification of teaching and learning programs for individual students, groups and classes. The implications for teaching practice are evaluated.  Participants will need to have access to individual and class-level reports through OARS.   

Data-driven decisions: PAT is suitable for participants who are working in schools that have purchased PAT. For schools progressing through the Progressive Achievement Learning Series, this course aligns with Phase 3.

To do this course you need to be familiar with:

  • Developmental approaches to assessment
  • Scale scores and how they are used in PAT
  • Percentiles and stanines, and their limitations in understanding student achievement
  • Bands and Band descriptions
  • Generating, reading and sorting PAT reports: Group reports, Bands reports, and Individual reports.

A fully facilitated course 

ACER-accredited online courses provide a highly interactive experience supported by an experienced facilitator. The course design encourages interaction and collaboration in conjunction with appropriate and effective pedagogies. The online facilitator in your course will promote interaction and communication among participants through building and conveying knowledge and modelling relevant skills. 

Recommended prior learning 

Getting started with PAT ACER-accredited online course. 

This course is for educators who are working in schools that administer online PAT assessments to students.

Intended learning outcomes 

Participants will be able to: 

  • Analyse and critically evaluate a range of PAT data and reports;  
  • Identify teaching strategies that differentiate learning for different students/groups; and 
  • Use PAT data to target learning needs of different students and groups. 

AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers

This course focuses on Professional Standard 5 and is set at the Proficient and Highly Accomplished levels.

This course focuses on Professional Standard 5: Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning, particularly Professional Standard 5.4. Interpret student data.

Course in detail 

The course is delivered online and consists of modules and one assessment. The modules are interactive, and participants work through examples and activities to build skills and knowledge. 

The content explains how to select a report and interpret the data it contains. Participants will learn how to select a strand and analyse band scales. Participants will scrutinise learning progressions in order to determine how to sequence purposeful, differentiated teaching strategies to improve student learning. Participants will then be required to apply this knowledge in their own context.

Standard courses are 15 hours over 10 weeks. However, we will be happy to run tailored intensive courses to suit individual schools. Please contact us to discuss details.

Learning assurance task 

Design a targeted learning sequence that differentiates learning for all students and groups. 

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive an ACER certificate of achievement. 

Course mode:  Online 

Course duration:  15 hours over 10 weeks

Resources:  Participants need to have access to PAT and the OARS system 

Cost:  $550.00 (including GST)

For further information please contact the Student Administrator
ph: +61 3 9277 5202

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