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Getting started with PAT   

ACER-accredited course

Offered on-demand for 25 participants or more, either fully-online delivered by ACER experts or in blended mode - we come to you! 


This course is for educators, teachers, leaders and educational administrators who are new to Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) or who are seeking to refresh their understanding of foundational aspects of PAT. In this introductory course, theories and concepts that underpin the Progressive Achievement approach are examined. PAT scoring systems are explained, and a range of PAT reports explored. Participants will analyse data and apply their learning within their professional educational contexts.   

Getting started with PAT is suitable for participants who are working in schools that have purchased the online Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT). For schools progressing through the Progressive Achievement Learning Series, this course aligns with Phase 2.  

A fully facilitated course  

ACER-accredited courses are an evidence-based high-touch experience supported by an accredited, expert and experienced facilitator. The course design encourages interaction and collaboration in conjunction with appropriate and effective pedagogies. Your course facilitator promotes interaction and communication between participants through the modelling, conveying and building of knowledge and skills and is there to support you every step of the way.   

Recommended prior learning  

There is no recommended prior learning for this course.  

This course is for educators who are working in schools that administer the online Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) to students. 

Intended learning outcomes  

Participants will be able to:  

  • use PAT terminology to discuss the theory and concepts that underpin PAT
  • evaluate different types of PAT reports for use for a range of purposes, and    
  • apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course within their own professional contexts.    

AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers 

This course focuses on Professional Standard 5 at the Proficient level.

This course focuses on Professional Standard 5: Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning, particularly Professional Standard 5.4. Interpret student data.

Course in detail  

This course is delivered online or in blended mode and consists of a number of modules and two assessments.

The course is interactive, and participants work through examples and activities to build skills and knowledge.

Progressive Achievement terminology and theory are explained. Participants will learn about four different types of PAT reports and how to read them. Participants apply this knowledge to their own school context.  

Standard course delivery times are 10 hours over 10 weeks for online delivery, and one day face-to-face and four hours over four weeks for blended delivery. However, we are happy to run tailored intensive courses at dates and times to suit individual schools. Please contact us to discuss details. 

Learning assurance tasks  

  1. PAT concepts and terminology: Participants undertake a multiple-choice task to consolidate their understanding of PAT concepts and terminology. 
  2. Understanding PAT reports: Participants generate and analyse two different reports for one group of students and an Individual Report for one student.  

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive an ACER certificate of achievement.  

Course mode:  Online or blended 

Course duration: On demand for 25 participants or more. Online: 10 hours over 10 weeks; Blended: one day face-to-face and 4 hours online over 4 weeks. We can tailor more intensive offerings to suit individual schools. 

Resources:  Participants need to have access to PAT and the OARS system  

Cost:  $440.00 (including GST) 

Event contact
03 9277 5202


Event contact

03 9277 5202