Our improvement services are organised around research-based tools that describe increasingly effective practice, and provide a framework for collecting, analysing and using evidence to drive improvement.

Direct measures of student outcomes are essential to our school improvement efforts. The collection and analysis of data helps our partners better understand and enrich student learning.

We enable schools, principals and systems to gather evidence of their practice and critically reflect on their efforts through external and/or self-evaluations.

ACER can help you to develop:

  • a common focus for improvement
  • shared language and understanding of improvement
  • narrow and sharp improvement plans.

Our consultants are trained to help both schools and school systems with every aspect of the school improvement process (with or without a school review conducted by ACER) in line with relevant strategic planning documents.

How can ACER help improve my school?

ACER's school improvement service offers:

  • training of leadership teams
  • access to educational coaching consultants
  • access to professional learning practitioners
  • conference-level or small-group presentations to school leaders
  • access to ACER researchers to undertake case studies
  • the ability to link into a professional network of educational leaders
  • support and assistance in unpacking and understanding your school's data
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When developing a school improvement plan, ACER can assist schools by performing an independent school review, helping to recommend courses of action for effective school improvement practices.

ACER can also provide access to research capabilities, tailored professional development and formal training for leadership staff, helping them to understand the nine domains of the School Improvement Tool and monitor school improvement progress over time.

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ACER educational coaching consultants can offer insight on specific domains of the School Improvement Tool, and offer ongoing support to your leadership team as they implement school improvement strategies. We can work with individuals, teams and whole school staff; coaching them to implement identified school improvement strategies and achieve improvement goals

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ACER’s school improvement team also provides access to a professional network of educators, across Australia and internationally, who have previously undertaken school reviews and implemented school improvement practices, helping schools to learn from peers and colleagues in similar situations. We can also facilitate presentations and case studies to present to governance boards or department-level administrative bodies showcasing the effective school improvement practices your school is implementing.

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