The School Improvement Tool brings together findings from international research and practical ACER expert guidance, to create solutions for your school and students.

This second iteration of the National School Improvement Tool consists of nine inter-related ‘domains’. Although the tool has been designed to enable a judgement in relation to each domain separately, experience suggests that the most effective way to use the tool is to make observations and gather evidence broadly about a school’s practices before focusing on individual domains. Schools may then decide to give priority to particular domains in their improvement efforts.

Expert guidance from ACER’s specialists will help you assess your current practices, implement the tool and monitor the improvement of your school over time.

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Download the School Improvement Tool and the student engagement and wellbeing elaborations to understand where to direct your improvement efforts.

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Improve student wellbeing

The School Improvement Tool Elaborations: Student engagement and wellbeing have been developed in partnership with the Queensland Department of Education to support the work of systems, teachers, leaders and school reviewers to optimise their support for student engagement and wellbeing in a targeted and coherent manner. This resource provides further detail about the practices in each of the nine domains of the School Improvement Tool that optimise student engagement and wellbeing and, in turn, impact on achievement.

What are the elaborations?

The elaborations provide an evidence-based, practical framework for schools to review practices, identify new approaches and refine existing responses to the engagement and wellbeing needs of students. They set out the nature of student engagement and wellbeing, and encourage schools to address these constructs holistically. The elaborations contribute to ensuring equitable outcomes for all students, particularly those most at-risk of disengagement, or for whom there are wellbeing concerns.

Illustrating excellence

A set of practice descriptions has been developed to accompany the elaborations. These practice descriptions illustrate what exemplary practice looks like in each of the domains.

Download the School Improvement Tool Elaborations: Student engagement and wellbeing

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