ACER provides assessment review, development and reform services in post-graduate education and professional certification contexts.

Our team brings together expertise in assessment, psychometrics, evaluation and quality assurance to deliver:

  • Advice on assessment best-practice
  • Support with assessment development
  • Guidance with assessment process design
  • Training for examiners/assessors
  • Comprehensive reviews of assessment systems
  • Psychometric analyses and support services
  • Standard setting expertise and facilitation services
  • Discussion papers drawing on research evidence

Ensure your assessments are


Do they actually measure what they intend to measure?


Are they consistent from candidate to candidate, and year to year?


Do the assessment processes stand up to scrutiny?

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Discover how ACER has supported specialist medical colleges and other health, business and engineering organisations to align their assessments with best practice.

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ACER researchers are internationally recognised for their expertise in assessment development and reform, publishing regularly in prestigious journals.

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