Test delivery

Online (web-based) assessment

Compass can be delivered through standard web browsers in any setting.

Clients create records online for test takers (this includes the nomination of unique usernames and passwords for each test taker).

Once test takers have been allocated a username and password, the test can be completed at any time.

There is no set time limit for test completion; however, as a guide, each test takes roughly 30–35 minutes to complete (ie one hour for a combined literacy and numeracy assessment).

Features include:

  • Random allocation of questions (not easiest to hardest)
  • Question tracker allowing for review of answers
  • Scroll bars and easy to use navigation menus between questions
  • Planned or accidental drop out can be easily managed.


All Compass users are provided with helpdesk support during standard business hours (9 am–5 pm AEST).

Clients have their own online account, allowing them to purchase, assign and manage testing at their own pace. 

Detailed Compass test administration manuals are provided at no extra cost. These provide all of the information required to run the assessment.