All applicants wanting to sit the VST as part of their MFB application should go to http://www.mfb.vic.gov.au/Recruitment.html

Vocational Selection Test

ACER can provide pre-recruitment solutions and services to assist corporate or recruitment partners with the selection of candidates for employer-based programs via high-stakes, secure testing. The Vocational Selection Test (VST) is designed to provide comparative information on candidates’ abilities and is particularly useful for screening large groups of candidates in the initial round of a selection process.

The VST has high reliability and has been used since 2002 to screen more than 18 000 candidates.

Why use the VST?

The VST is developed by experts with many years of experience in the development and construct of selection tests who are able to provide:

  • Development and management of assessments that match eligibility requirements for particular roles based on latest test development techniques.
  • Quality test questions that are updated annually and developed using ACER's rigorous item development process.
  • Selection of the best mix of cognitive and personality testing to ensure the selection of candidates that match a clients’ benchmarks and values.
  • Full psychometric analysis.
  • Customised reporting of results to all clients and candidates.
  • Technical report for clients explaining how the test and cohort has performed.

VST is administered by ACER using professional project managers and includes:

  • Secure, standardised testing across the country in both online and traditional pen-and-paper test centres.
  • Management and development of customised candidate databases for online registration using sophisticated IT technology. 
  • Establishment and negotiation of optimal value-for-money examination centres with existing corporate partners, TAFEs and universities in metropolitan, rural, interstate and international locations.
  • Training and coordination of test supervisors to ensure equity and consistency of candidate experience.
  • Logistical support across the testing cycle including: management of secure printing, packing and dispatch of materials, or the establishment of secure online testing delivery systems with dedicated helpdesk support.
  • High levels of customer service for applicants and clients alike including the development of customised websites and pre-test advice for applicants and streamlined online registration and reporting for clients. 

Test content

The Vocational Selection Test is made up of two parts:

  1. The Core Vocational Selection Test
  2. Two optional components.

The core Vocational Selection Test has three sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning – assesses the ability to grasp and use relationships among concepts. 
  • Quantitative Reasoning – assesses mathematical skills and numerical aptitude. 
  • Abstract Reasoning – assesses the ability to understand and apply concepts expressed in non-verbal diagrams.

Two optional components:

  • Mechanical Reasoning – assesses the ability to understand the functioning of mechanical devices and systems.
  • Interpersonal Understandings – assesses the ability to understand the feelings, motivation and behaviour of other people, and issues related to working with or helping others.