Candidate scores are delivered to the client electronically in a format compatible with client systems, usually within five working days for pen-and-paper delivery and faster for online delivery.  Individual candidates access their scores online at a time as agreed by ACER and the client.  

In addition to receiving candidates’ results, clients will also receive a technical report that includes:

  • Information about the test construct and structure.
  • Brief descriptions of the way the tests are scored and the criteria for candidates’ success in passing the test. 
  • Indicators of group performance on the test, including summary statistics for each test cycle.
  • Key psychometric indicators describing the performance of the test instrument, including inter-component correlations, component reliabilities, item performance statistics and student ability/item difficulty plots.
  • Candidate results are reported as scaled, or standardised scores to allow for comparison across multiple test sittings.
  • Standard Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis is used to calibrate item difficulties and measure candidate ability.

Options for reporting of results are as follows:

  • Alphabetical listing of candidate results.
  • Rank order of candidate results according to candidates’ total overall score.
  • Rank order of candidate results according to the score in each component; that is, Verbal, Quantitative, Abstract, Mechanical Reasoning and Interpersonal Understandings.
  • Identification of candidates who achieve above an identified minimum level.