Chief Executive Officer
Geoff Masters
Human Resources
Steven Dover
ACER Foundation
Deirdre Jackson
International Development
Peter McGuckian
Assessment & Psychometric Research
Mike Timms
Educational Monitoring and Research
Sue Thomson

Assessment and Reporting: Humanities and Social Sciences
Juliette Mendelovits
Assessment and Reporting: Mathematics and Science
Julian Fraillon
Psychometrics and Methodology
Siek Toon Khoo

National Surveys
Sue Thomson
International Surveys
Wolfram Schulz
Systemwide Testing
Chris Freeman
Policy Research & Practice Scott Paris
Professional Resources Ralph Saubern
Corporate Services
Wayne Dawes
Education Policy and Practice
Kathryn Moyle
Education and Development
Jeaniene Spink
Tertiary Education
Daniel Edwards
ACER Institute
Pauline Taylor-Guy
Cunningham Library
Pru Mitchell
School Education Assessment Services
Barbara Smith
Higher Education Assessment Services
Marita MacMahon Ball
Vocational, Adult and Workplace Education
Alistair Macleod
Corporate Marketing & Communications
Craig Grose
Anita Sheean
Andrew Cameron
Information Technology
Daryl Nguyen
Legal and Commercial Services
Rhonda Farkota
Project Services
Jim Carrigan