Monday, 19 Nov 2007

MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release Monday 19 November 2007 Identifying dangers in the world of ‘Cyberia’ The greatest danger to children and teens online comes from their own peers according to leading adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Dr Carr-Gregg, in conjunction with ACER’s Leadership Centre, is conducting a national seminar series that will explore the world of ‘Cyberia’ and how today’s youth live there. The seminar series gets under way today in Sydney with seminars also taking place in Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth over the next two weeks. “At a time in their lives when identity is the central issue of their entire psychological development, our teenagers and children are citizens in a cyberworld where identity means nothing and things are rarely as they seem,” Dr Carr-Gregg said. “In Cyberia, what feels like a game may be a trap. What sounds like a friend could be a predator. What looks like a bank could be a thief.” Dr Carr-Gregg’s one-day intensive seminar focuses on the impacts and outcomes of young people’s use of social networking sites, cyberbullying, internet addiction, filtering software and online games. ACER launched its leadership centre in July this year with the goal of delivering best practice professional learning in teaching and leadership. According to Leadership Centre Director, Dr Neil Carrington, the student is at the heart of all leadership development activities. “We know that young people are very sophisticated in using technology to access information. It is of the utmost importance that theycan do sosafely,” Dr Carrington said. “The ACER Leadership Centre is delighted to partner with world experts, such as Dr Michael Carr Gregg, to bring important issues such as cyber bullying to the attention of leaders in education, health and the wider community." Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is Australia’s best known adolescent psychologist and one of the country’s leading authorities on teenage behaviour. For further information on the seminar series, including dates, locations and booking details please visit or phone Ms Julie Kruse at ACER on 03 9835 7414. ****************ENDS*************