Tuesday, 30 Jun 2009

For immediate release 30 June 2009
Queensland Government accepts recommendations of Masters Review

The Queensland Government announced on 29 June that it had accepted all five key recommendations from a review of the state’s primary school education conducted by ACER’s chief executive, Professor Geoff Masters.

Professor Masters made the recommendations in a report, A Shared Challenge: Improving Literacy, Numeracy and Science Learning in Queensland Primary Schools, which was delivered to the Queensland Government in late April. Professor Masters recommended that:

1. aspiring primary teachers be required to demonstrate through test performances, as a condition of registration, that they meet threshold levels of knowledge about the teaching of literacy, numeracy and science and have sound levels of content knowledge in these areas;

2. the Queensland Government introduces a new structure and program of advanced professional learning in literacy, numeracy and science for primary school teachers;

3. additional funding be made available for the advanced training and employment of a number of ‘specialist’ literacy, numeracy and science teachers to work in schools (and/or district offices) most in need of support;

4. standard science tests be introduced at Years 4, 6, 8 and 10 for school use in identifying students who are not meeting year-level expectations and for monitoring student progress over time; and

5. the Queensland Government initiates an expert review of international best practice in school leadership development with a view to introducing a new structure and program of advanced professional learning for primary school leaders focused on effective strategies for driving improved school performances in literacy, numeracy and science. The full report is available at http://education.qld.gov.au/mastersreview