Friday, 13 Oct 2006

MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release Friday 13 October 2006 Survey to provide snapshot of Australian teaching workforce Information gathered from a new survey of staff in Australian schools will provide a much- needed demographic picture of the Australian teaching workforce and highlight specific workforce issues. The Staff in Australia’s Schools Survey is being conducted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) up until December this year. ACER is being assisted by the Australian College of Educators (ACE). Over 20 000 teachers and school leaders from more than 2000 government, Catholic and independent schools across Australia are being randomly selected and invited to take part. The survey aims to describe more fully the teacher workforce by gathering information such as gender, age, school sector and level, qualifications and work roles. Attitudinal information regarding career plans, working conditions and attraction to leadership roles will also be collected to support future workforce planning. The last such national survey was conducted by the ACE in 1999. ACER Research Director (Teaching and Leadership) Dr Phillip McKenzie, said the main purpose of the Staff in Australia’s Schools survey is to provide an insight into the current and future workforce capacity needs of Australian primary and secondary schools. “The project will provide critical information for governments, teacher educators, professional educators, professional associations and teachers themselves as they look to address the future staffing needs of Australia’s schools,” Dr McKenzie said. He said the value of the data depends on teacher participation and urged teachers and principals to take part in the survey if invited. The survey can be completed on-line, and the responses are confidential. In addition to the survey, consultations are being undertaken with key stakeholders around Australia regarding possible longer-term collaborative approaches to workforce data collection processes. The Staff in Australia’s Schools survey was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training. It is being supported by an Advisory Committee representing government and non-government authorities, professional associations and teacher educators. ****************ENDS*************